Cashew Nutshell Liquid Technology


Cat Loi continues to advance CNSL technology to meet new industry needs

Cashew Nutshell Liquid Technology

Cat Loi products are based on cashew nutshell liquid (CNSL), a natural, non-food chain, and annually renewable biomaterial. CNSL is a resin extracted from a soft honeycomb structure inside the cashew nutshell.

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Ultra LITE Technology

New proprietary process technology is at the core of the Ultra LITE Series products, and enables the production of a much purer cardanol building block with Gardner color 1.

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New Products and Technologies




Innovation is at the heart of Cat Loi’s culture.

With over year of provider CNSL, Cat Loi has pioneered new developments in cashew nut shell liquid based technologies and created a balanced and comprehensive portfolio of cardanol-based products that cover a wide range of performance attributes and applications in the industrial energy.

The Cat Loi portfolio is comprised of robust products designed to meet multiple and broad requirements to help customers in their product consolidation efforts and universal products offering. In addition, Cat Loi offers custom-made products to meet specific requirements of more applications..

Products are available worldwide.



In addition to collecting cashew nut shell,cleaning environment, our products and services are directed towards a cleaner, greener and more friendly environment.


Because of the use of waste products everywhere to make the fuel used in place or export. Using the most advanced scientific technology to save materials and fuel. Save 30-70% of operating costs and increased profits for farmers, workers as well as investors.


The use of renewable and environmentally friendly products has opened up the prospect to solve material shortages in rural and industrial areas, and has contributed positively to the environment protection as well as created more jobs and economic development in the local. So this is a strong and sustainable development direction.